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The Trillion Dollar Climate Scam

December 9, 2009

Every day we see endless examples of local, state, and federal government waste.  The social costs of state and federal welfare programs, endless wars fought with a restrained military held back by the leadership,  and foreign aid to multiple countries with minimal accountability to name a few.  The list of examples is endless.  Common knowledge today says all (local, state, federal) government bodies are constantly in need of more money.  More money???  The citizens of the United States are taxed to death.  Double, triple, quadruple taxation exists in our society today, but that’s not enough for these pigs we call politicians.  Our governments have run out of things to tax.  Raising the current tax rates would upset a large voting block of people who crosses party lines.  What is their answer? Invent a world climate crisis, blame it on man-made emissions from burning fossil fuels,  and levy heavy taxes in the form of “carbon credits.”  The result.  Added costs to production and government rationing of energy.  Higher energy costs across the board for every consumer. And in my opinion, a long-term plan set in motion to slowly regulate the energy companies out of business opening up the entire energy industry to nationalization.  The federal government will explain it as a “bailout.”   In reality it will be another communist victory in the Land of the Free.  Centralized power and control.   Government control over all means of producing energy will touch every single aspect of our lives.   In conjunction with nationalized health care, the bear claws of centralized power will have every freedom loving United States citizen’s head in a vice.

John Coleman did a report on a great American scientist named Roger Revelle on March 6, 2009 **. In the 1950’s Roger Revelle was working at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.  He partnered with a researcher and wrote a paper containing a theory connecting carbon dioxide from burnt fossil fuels, the greenhouse effect, and warming global temperatures.  This paper ignited a firestorm of research grant money, worldwide governmental concern, and eventually the formation of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  In the 1960’s Revelle moved to Harvard University and established the Center for Population Studies.  One of his students during this time was Al Gore.  Although Gore received a “D” for the class, the data tabulation for carbon dioxide studies apparently brainwashed him permanently.  These experiences inspired Gore’s book “Earth in the Balance” which led to Gore’s movie “Inconvienant Truth.” Who knew that this “D” student, in a class studying false science, would aspire to such a prominent status in the scientific world?  The irony in this situation is the theory connecting  carbon dioxide emissions and warming global temperatures has never been validated.  In 1991 Revelle co-authored a report for Cosmos Magazine expressing concern about the validity of global warming and called for more research before remedial action was taken.  In this report it was also stated that eyewitnesses confirmed that Revelle spoke to a group of very powerful men and politicians at the Bohemian Grove in Northern California that same year.  There he apologized for misleading the direction of global warming research.  The father of the greenhouse effect had extreme doubt after decades of research, but the communist movement to centralize power in America had already sank its teeth into this perfect method of growing government and turning the self-sustaining individual into a dependent.

A fraud of this scale has never before been attempted in world history.  Not only are there trillions of dollars at stake, the backbone of America’s private sector energy industry hangs in the balance.  America’s leadership has vilified energy companies with one goal in mind. To be viewed as saviors when the time comes to “bail out” the energy companies, thereby adding another link to the chain of total government domination over a formerly private sector of the economy.  Another instance of the government creating a problem in order to claim victory for fixing the problem they created.  Remind anyone of the mortgage bubble? That’s a subject for another essay, but a very similar situation.  The power structure’s need to control more and more of the private sector is gaining momentum. Just in the past three years we have seen the government gain control over large parts of  the banking, insurance, and automotive sectors of the economy.  What’s next? Believe me, there will be something next.  The climate change legislation being proposed by the federal government will ensure that the energy sector is next on the list.  Once the government controls our energy and our health care, we will be free no more.  We the people of the United States of America will be completely dependent on our government for the standard of living we have earned and come to cherish.  The independent mindset will slowly fade after a few generations leaving us with American exceptionalism no more.

This fight is the calling of our time.  The enemy is not a foreign force.  It is an internal disease that has infected the mindset of our most powerful politicians and millions of people who mentally follow like sheep.  This disease produces policies derived from guilt and a wartime weakness not seen since Vietnam.  An open and outright Marxist ideology being pushed through political correctness and affirmative action controls every decision made by our leaders.  Right down to the ones that send our brave men and women into battle to die.  The process for a government gaining total control over an independent citizenry is one that, on the face, seems impossible; but the current situation in America is a recipe for disaster.  We have a population that is concerned with nothing, but entertainment and a power structure concerned with nothing but acquiring more iron for the curtain they are building.  Not a good combination.

**  Coleman, John (newscaster).  March 6, 2009,  (KUSI News, San Diego, Ca)

– On this web page you will also find a speech that John Coleman read infront of the Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands of the Committee on Natural Resources of the United States Congress. This testimony and his many other articles contain great pieces of information debunking the myth of man-made global warming.