The Trillion Dollar Climate Scam

Every day we see endless examples of local, state, and federal government waste.  The social costs of state and federal welfare programs, endless wars fought with a restrained military held back by the leadership,  and foreign aid to multiple countries with minimal accountability to name a few.  The list of examples is endless.  Common knowledge today says all (local, state, federal) government bodies are constantly in need of more money.  More money???  The citizens of the United States are taxed to death.  Double, triple, quadruple taxation exists in our society today, but that’s not enough for these pigs we call politicians.  Our governments have run out of things to tax.  Raising the current tax rates would upset a large voting block of people who crosses party lines.  What is their answer? Invent a world climate crisis, blame it on man-made emissions from burning fossil fuels,  and levy heavy taxes in the form of “carbon credits.”  The result.  Added costs to production and government rationing of energy.  Higher energy costs across the board for every consumer. And in my opinion, a long-term plan set in motion to slowly regulate the energy companies out of business opening up the entire energy industry to nationalization.  The federal government will explain it as a “bailout.”   In reality it will be another communist victory in the Land of the Free.  Centralized power and control.   Government control over all means of producing energy will touch every single aspect of our lives.   In conjunction with nationalized health care, the bear claws of centralized power will have every freedom loving United States citizen’s head in a vice.

John Coleman did a report on a great American scientist named Roger Revelle on March 6, 2009 **. In the 1950’s Roger Revelle was working at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.  He partnered with a researcher and wrote a paper containing a theory connecting carbon dioxide from burnt fossil fuels, the greenhouse effect, and warming global temperatures.  This paper ignited a firestorm of research grant money, worldwide governmental concern, and eventually the formation of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  In the 1960’s Revelle moved to Harvard University and established the Center for Population Studies.  One of his students during this time was Al Gore.  Although Gore received a “D” for the class, the data tabulation for carbon dioxide studies apparently brainwashed him permanently.  These experiences inspired Gore’s book “Earth in the Balance” which led to Gore’s movie “Inconvienant Truth.” Who knew that this “D” student, in a class studying false science, would aspire to such a prominent status in the scientific world?  The irony in this situation is the theory connecting  carbon dioxide emissions and warming global temperatures has never been validated.  In 1991 Revelle co-authored a report for Cosmos Magazine expressing concern about the validity of global warming and called for more research before remedial action was taken.  In this report it was also stated that eyewitnesses confirmed that Revelle spoke to a group of very powerful men and politicians at the Bohemian Grove in Northern California that same year.  There he apologized for misleading the direction of global warming research.  The father of the greenhouse effect had extreme doubt after decades of research, but the communist movement to centralize power in America had already sank its teeth into this perfect method of growing government and turning the self-sustaining individual into a dependent.

A fraud of this scale has never before been attempted in world history.  Not only are there trillions of dollars at stake, the backbone of America’s private sector energy industry hangs in the balance.  America’s leadership has vilified energy companies with one goal in mind. To be viewed as saviors when the time comes to “bail out” the energy companies, thereby adding another link to the chain of total government domination over a formerly private sector of the economy.  Another instance of the government creating a problem in order to claim victory for fixing the problem they created.  Remind anyone of the mortgage bubble? That’s a subject for another essay, but a very similar situation.  The power structure’s need to control more and more of the private sector is gaining momentum. Just in the past three years we have seen the government gain control over large parts of  the banking, insurance, and automotive sectors of the economy.  What’s next? Believe me, there will be something next.  The climate change legislation being proposed by the federal government will ensure that the energy sector is next on the list.  Once the government controls our energy and our health care, we will be free no more.  We the people of the United States of America will be completely dependent on our government for the standard of living we have earned and come to cherish.  The independent mindset will slowly fade after a few generations leaving us with American exceptionalism no more.

This fight is the calling of our time.  The enemy is not a foreign force.  It is an internal disease that has infected the mindset of our most powerful politicians and millions of people who mentally follow like sheep.  This disease produces policies derived from guilt and a wartime weakness not seen since Vietnam.  An open and outright Marxist ideology being pushed through political correctness and affirmative action controls every decision made by our leaders.  Right down to the ones that send our brave men and women into battle to die.  The process for a government gaining total control over an independent citizenry is one that, on the face, seems impossible; but the current situation in America is a recipe for disaster.  We have a population that is concerned with nothing, but entertainment and a power structure concerned with nothing but acquiring more iron for the curtain they are building.  Not a good combination.

**  Coleman, John (newscaster).  March 6, 2009,  (KUSI News, San Diego, Ca)

– On this web page you will also find a speech that John Coleman read infront of the Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands of the Committee on Natural Resources of the United States Congress. This testimony and his many other articles contain great pieces of information debunking the myth of man-made global warming.


6 Responses to “The Trillion Dollar Climate Scam”

  1. Chris J Says:

    Good blog. I was thinking recently about the “why.” Why is so much invested in such a fraud and scam? Is it purely financial? Where did this come from? I mean if it was just a matter of scientific discovery or fact, the conversation would be rather tame, likely boring, and be largely left to scientific facts instead of hyperbole.

    In my opinion, while there are a number of secondary reasons for the “successes” of climate change hypotheses, the primary reason stems from the original and mother of all scientific frauds, progressive evolution. As Darwin and his ilk admitted to in the early days of natural selection hypotheses, doing away with the concept of God and one’s responsibility to God was a prime motivator (and still today). This motivator is still very strong, as the “science” behind evolution is largely absent.

    So, evolution sought to eliminate the orgin of moral absolutes. But when you eliminate the Originator of moral absolutes, it creates a vacuum that other moral frameworks seek to fill — for mankind must judge himself to some standard. Enter the moral scale and relativism of global climate change.

    Global warmism and anthropogenic climate change are rooted in our attempts to increase our importance and reestablish a moral framework. The thought is “if we’re powerful enough to destroy ourselves, then we must be powerful enough to create or save ourselves” — self determination.

    The lengths folks take to preserve the fraud is truly a spectacle!

    • usathegreat Says:

      Although Darwin’s theories on evolution and global warming are completely different issues, they both have the potential to change the course of history. I am not familiar with Darwin’s motivation behind his theories, but if he were a true scientist then he would not approach his studies and create his theories with malicious intentions. Regardless, Darwin’s theories alone caused masses of people to question their belief in God. Many people in power were eager to spread this message whether they believed it, or not. They wanted to fill the void God used to fill in people’s lives. Reference the moral vacuum. No matter what Darwin’s motivations were, the negative moral and religious effects of his theories cannot be denied.

      The Global warming debate seems to have taken on a eerily similar tone. We have high profile climate scientists exposed in covering up and hiding data that does not support their THEORIES. By the way, this data has the potential to dictate the destination of hundreds of billions of dollars. Al Gore gave an interview to MSNCB bimbo, Andrea Mitchell, ( and described skeptics of global warming as “DENIERS.” And the global warming masses that have been brainwashed by the constant barrage of propaganda are being sucked into the same moral vacuum mentioned above. Their participation in the “green movement” fills a moral void in their lives. When a power structure can penetrate the minds of its independent masses to this extent, the masses become dependent on the power structure very quickly.

      These two examples demonstrate how governments around the world use science to control their masses, steal money, and consolidate their power.

  2. JIM (FAJA) Says:

    What makes me mad is that we all talk about it and do nothing. Take Iran for example. The students in that country have more balls then our so called American Patriots. Knowing the possible consequnces of there uprising could cost them there lives.

    There was a time I could remember when we gave a shit. Where citizens would go help somebody in need. You have seen it. people being robbed or hit by a car and people just stand around like it is entertainment.

    The sole problem in the States is Congress and the Senate. That is what is killing the America that we used to know. You can blame it on foreigners changing our ways and believes but it comes down to the government letting them in.

    You can blame the big Industries for causing globing warming, but it is the government that holds out the greased hands for money instead of doing what is best for America. I could go on, but you get the point.

    We the people need to take our guns and stand up. Let us go to the Capital and throw out these pieces of crap.
    Not only am I ready but so are millions more Americans are ready fot that march. We just need the leader. Is that you?

    Instead of this post, lets have rallys, meetings in our local cities and build the alliance we need to change back to what our fore farthers made it.

    I’m ready!!! Are you?

    • usathegreat Says:

      Oh I’m ready. I just have a few problems to iron out. I’m in the process of locating my billionaire financial backer that will enable me to advertise and coordinate an all out assault on our nation’s capitol. Convincing a couple million Americans to crash the money party in D.C. wouldn’t be hard at all. Especially if they had a free plane ticket. Of course, they would have tp provide their own weapon but I don’t see that being a problem either. The problem would be having the liquid money to accomplish this goal. If I were the Pres. I would simply call a meeting with Congress and demand an obscene amount of money. They would do exactly as I instructed and I would be on my gravy train. Unfortunately I live in the real world and I don’t know anybody that rich. What’s your idea Faja?? Why aren’t you the leader of this movement?? You’ve got nothing to do, so get on it. Find a rich person, set up a meeting, and we’ll go lay out our plan. LOL

  3. Cassandra Dawn Says:

    Chris, although I find your connections between evolution and the fraudulent global warming masquerade to be quite creative, I have done my share of studies on Darwin and his mechanism of evolution via Natural Selection, and I somehow bypassed the reading which included Darwin admitting that his sole mission in bringing about Natural Selection was to rid our world of the concept of God. Do you have some sort of reference to back this statement up? Furthermore, the lack of “science” also intrigues me, as much of my undergrad I spent studying the very science that did in fact aid in supporting Darwin’s THEORIES, which is what science is made of, THEORIES. Isn’t that interesting all in itself really? Science only produces things that can be continually retested and either reconfirmed, enhanced, or disproved. I think many people understand that science produces FACTS, and that is an apparition. So I think it is important to add that no one had disproved Darwin’s theories either.
    Chris, I am not attacking what you have to say, but I am both a woman who is God loving, and one who perhaps, buys in to much of what Natural Selection suggests. Believe it or not, it has taken me many years to make those ideas cohesive. Essentially I just want to hear how you came to understand the things you do. True faith is built with objectivity, and perhaps, at times, skepticism.

    • Chris J Says:


      Thanks for your note. There’s certainly not the space here to address all these points in detail, but I will link to a couple articles which address Darwin’s motivation and the motivations/definitions of evolution by one of his biggest devotees, Sir Julian Huxley.

      These are lengthy, but well thought out and fair to the facts (or lack thereof). Additionally, botht he and sites have a host of information to address evolution, natural selection, Darwin and others.

      The primary source of evidence of evolution or natural selection would be being able to observe firsthand transitional species or “kinds.” Since no one has ever observed transitional kinds on the earth, we are supposed to believe that there was a cosmic game of musical chairs….one in which, when the music stopped, all the species that found a chair survived and ended their evolutionary “progress.” For there are no mixes of any kinds in existence today.

      Of course even this fanciful explanation to the lack of transitional “kinds” would have to rely upon the fossil record bearing witness to countless transitional fossils — not snails or clams, but clails or snams. And yet there are none amidst the billions of fossils available.

      This lack of prima facie evidence forces the idiologically-driven “scientist” to formulate wild hypotheses about life from non life, protiens and amino acids, mutations, genetic code/DNA and others — focusing on the micro to postulate the macro which doesn’t exist.

      I submit to you that a belief in the true God is incongruous with belief in natural selection/evolution. Natural selection is, by its nature and definition, characterized as emotionless, random, directionless, purposeless — a nearly infinitely long period of time mixed with chance, death, extensive failure and few successes. By contrast, creation is a loving act of purpose, meaning, and ultimate direction. Belief in evolution/natural selection necessitates excising key Biblical texts that refer to a literal 7-day creation period, our special and unique place in creative order, our purpose and our destiny.

      Evolution and global warming are interesting, but their “type” of argument are common…a way for created beings to hide from their origin, their purpose and their responsiblity–an activity that’s been going on since Adam and Eve were in the garden.

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